Our Story

Meet Debra

I earned my bachelors of fine arts degree in 1987.  At that time I focused on ceramics, but I had experience in many of the art fields, jewelry, paper making, sculpture, drawing and design. Thru the years I have been a jeweler, a potter and for nearly 30 years a farmer. Through the years my love of nature and the outdoors shines brightly, today my connection to nature can be seen in many of my pieces. Some of my work evokes water images while other pieces mirror the geometric perfection found in various plants. I also strive for some of the feeling in fossils by trapping bubbles, shapes, forms and colors in the layers of the glass, trying to draw the interest of the viewer deeper into each piece. I find glass the perfect medium to convey these images.  The clarity of the glass allows for many layers to build up the overall effect of greater depth almost in a three dimensional manner. Pairing that depth with  the variations between the opaque and iridescent glass and adding painterly touches to my work I strive to express my interpretation of nature.